Franchisee Training

Proper training is the key to a well-run franchise. As a Jerk King franchisee, you will receive professional, across-the-board training and ongoing support both at the Jerk King training centre in Toronto and on-site at your own Jerk King location.

Jerk King franchisee training and ongoing support includes three phases:

PHASE ONE – Orientation:

This one-day introduction session is designed to introduce new franchisees to the Jerk King system, culture and pre-opening procedures. During this education session, topics such as budget, business planning, financing, site selection, construction and equipment ordering are covered.

PHASE TWO – Management Training:

This initial, twelve-day management-training program is mandatory for all new Jerk King franchisees and is conducted monthly at the corporate headquarters. The comprehensive, hands-on, classroom training covers core product knowledge and operative systems.

PHASE THREE – Store Opening:

Just prior to opening your new Jerk King franchise, a representative will be sent to your location to assist with your opening and to conduct seven days of in-store training. During this phase of training, your team will be educated on general store procedures and systems, ordering, budgeting, and proper cleaning, opening and closing procedures. Additional preparation training, i.e. jerk sauce/seasoning training, team member training, inventory and product management, paperwork management, marketing and other matters necessary to the opening and operation of your location will also be addressed during this time.

Another added advantage of joining an established franchise is that even as a new franchisee, you already have ongoing support. Within our franchise our team is always ready to assist you. You are never by yourself. There’s always someone ready to answer your questions and help you make your new business the best that it can be.


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