How to get your own Jerk King Franchise in 5 steps

If you have people and management skills and are seeking a rewarding, high-growth opportunity that encourages a healthier lifestyle, please follow the steps below to become a Jerk King franchisee.

1. Complete online request form, call or email Jerk King Franchise representative

2. Receive your FDD – Jerk King Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): The FDD contains valuable information to help you analyze our franchise system.

Franchise Agreement Request & Confidentiality Forms: Your Jerk King FDD receipt, franchise agreement request and confidentiality forms will be given to you along with the FDD. The completed documents will be submitted to Jerk King for review.

3 . Approval Step – Jerk King will evaluate your financial statements, credit history and background information. If necessary, we reserve the right for a second interview. Upon approval, a franchise agreement will be delivered to you.

4. Enter into franchise agreement – After receiving the agreements and waiting seven calendar days, you will then send back the signed and notarized agreements along with the franchise fee. At this point, you are now a Jerk King franchisee and are ready to get your new business open.

5. Orientation – As soon as possible, you will be required to attend a one-day orientation class. At this class we will discuss all of the steps involved in opening your store. This will include budgeting, financing, planning, site selection, ordering, construction and much more. Once complete, you will schedule a meeting with our real estate department to begin the site selection process.


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